Paragraph on Importance of Morning Walk

Question: Every day you walk early in the morning. Write about the importance of the Morning walk.

Start like this: Morning walk is………. It is the best kind………… In the morning the air………..

Importance of Morning walk

Answer: The morning walk is very pleasant. It is also good for health. Walking in the morning is a good habit. It is the best kind of exercise for all classes of people. In the morning the air is very fresh and cool. It is free from any pollution. So, a man who goes out for a morning walk inhales this pure air. This air bears a good effect both on his body and mind. The air in the morning makes him healthy and refreshes his mind. In the morning nature is calm and quiet. So, a morning walk gives a man the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful aspect of nature. Morning walk costs us nothing but it gives us many benefits which cannot be valued in terms of money. It gives a good start to our days’ work. So, we all should build a habit of taking a morning walk.

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