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Paragraph on The Beauty of Nature

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  • What is nature?
  • What do you do if you become sad?
  • How does nature refresh your mind?
  • What do you see all around you?
  • How do you enjoy nature as a friend?

Answer: Nature is a volume of which God is the author. Wherever we cast our eyes, we are enthralled to see the beauty of nature. “Nature is like a kind and smiling mother.” If we are sad, we look at the vast water in the sea or at the dark green trees or at the milk-white snow in the sky, we become refreshed. On the other hand, on another day, while we keep on looking at the waves of a river, we will be delighted to see, them overlapping each other to reach the bank. We may sit at the edge, of a pond to see how a grasshopper scoop the water or a shy small fish wriggle off underneath the hyacinth. We may also see a pair of seagulls or a kingfisher hover around us. We can walk across a lustrous paddy field to enjoy- its typical aroma. In one summer afternoon, we may see the nor western with the swirling, huge mass of black clouds, in the farthest corner of the horizon. Its refreshing rain soothes our body and mind. Every bit of nature has the elixir of life. But we must safeguard at any cost.

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