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Essay on Early Rising

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Introduction: To get up from sleep before sunrise is called early rising. It is a very good habit. The man who rises early in the morning can be benefited both physically and mentally. He keeps a good health and maintains peace of mind.

Benefits of early rising: Early rising is beneficial to both body and mind. An early riser can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. the morning air is fresh and invigorating. An early riser can refresh his mind by inhaling pure-air. He keeps away diseases. A student who rises early start reading early and finds ample time to prepare his lessons well.

A late riser’s life: A late riser is a lazy man. He spends his most valuable time idly. He who rises late starts his work late. He always lags behind. A late riser does not keep in sound health. He suffers from dullness, dizziness and drowsiness and various other diseases. The student who rises late begins reading late. He cannot prepare all his lessons of the day. He is scolded and punished by his teachers in school. He cannot grow up as an active and smart boy. He is dull by nature. So it is very important for a student to leave his bed early in the morning and perform his duties properly. Ultimately he becomes a successful man.

An early riser’s life: The habit of early rising gives us much time for work. Getting early we can take some exercises or a walk in the morning. “Well begun is half done” goes the proverb. The man who rises early finds time to do more works for himself and for the welfare of others. So all of us should try to be an early riser. He should remember the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Conclusion: The habit of early rising must be formed at any rate. No one can hope to do anything great unless he is in the habit of early rising. Nature condemns late rising. She teaches us o be early-risers.