Paragraph on Punctuality


  • What is punctuality?
  • What is the best motto?
  • What is easy?
  • What should we do?
  • How does punctuality help a man?
  • Why should we fit our goal?
  • How does punctuality save a lot of time?

Answer: Punctuality is the quality of doing things at the right time. Punctuality is a habit. We can do a thing at the right time if we want. But it is not an essay matter. It is easier to loiter and kill valuable time. It is much easier to put things off and say, we will do it tomorrow. In this way, we may get into bad habits easily. It is easy to form a habit but it is difficult to break it. So, when we get into bad habits, it becomes difficult to get out of them. We must be careful to do a thing at the right time. The best motto to keep before us is, “Do it now,” We must try to learn the habit of observing punctuality from the very beginning of our life. Punctuality saves out time. A train that starts or arrives at the appointed time or a bus service that observes punctuality saves a lot of time and saves one from a lot of inconveniences.

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