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Paragraph on Buying Some Vegetables in a Kitchen Market

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Question: Write instructions for your younger brother who is going to buy some vegetables in a kitchen market for the first time in his life.

Buying Some Vegetables in a Kitchen Market

Answer: As you have never gone to a kitchen 4narket to buy vegetables, you need to follow some instructions to buy some vegetables there. Those who sell vegetables are supposed to be very clever and try to deceive the buyers by providing them with musty things at a higher price. Look at the vegetables carefully. They may be refreshed by sprinkling water into them. Move the vegetables from the inside as there is a feasibility of mixing musty things. Take out the fresh vegetables by observing them cautiously. Now ascertain the. price of your chosen vegetables. The salesman may demand higher price observing situation. So try to bargain with him and reduce the price you think it suitable. Then order him to weigh the vegetables you need. Be careful as the salesman may deceive you by giving you vegetables less than you have ordered. Look at measuring balance and try to have the proper amount of vegetables. Finally, give the price that you have settled.

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