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Paragraph on Self-Reliance

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  1. What is self-reliance?
  2. What does Self-reliance inspire?
  3. Is it possible for a man to do every work?
  4. What the proverb?
  5. What should we do to prosper our life?
  6. Is self-reliance essential?

Answer: In order to succeed in life, man is to practice different virtue. Self-reliance is one of them. The habit of doing our own work ourselves without depending on others is called self-reliance. It inspires us to stand on our own legs. It is a noble quality in human nature and is found in the life of all great man and women. Of course, it is not possible for any man to do all his work himself, especially in these days when life has become so complex. However, the progress and prosperity of a man, as well as a national solely depends on this great virtue. There is at proverb that God helps those who help themselves, to depend on others is a great curse. Without self-reliance, nobody can prosper and do full justice to his duties. It is essential for every success in life. Great nations do not depend on others. If we can do our work after much labor without the help of others, we will get heavenly satisfaction.

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