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Essay on Self-Help/Self-Reliance

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Introduction: ‘Self-help is the best help’- a proverb goes. The trust of doing one’s task without depending on others is called self-help. It is one of the greatest virtues upon which individual, as well as national greatness and prosperity, depend. The saying, “Allah helps those who help themselves” is true.

How to attain self-help: It is not easy to acquire the habit of self-help in a day or two. It should be acquired from childhood. One can acquire this habit from parents, teachers, and superiors around him. The students are the future hope of a nation. So they should be trained up in schools and colleges to acquire this quality.

Usefulness: Confidence in one’s power to do things is the first step to success. A self-reliant man tries to do things by himself. He does not expect help from outsiders. Exertion brings out the best things in him. He acquires independence and judgment. The dignity of labor is known to him. Nothing can stand in the way of his success. His iron will overcome all difficulties and hardship.

Allah helps those who help themselves: Self-help is the best help. Even Allah does not help an undesirable man. Allah only helps those who help themselves.

SELF-HELP is a great quality: Self-help makes a man stand on his own leg. It makes him do a thing by himself. It brings out all his latent faculties into play. It strengthens his character and gives him confidence in his ability. It leads him to success.

Conclusion: The great men of the word did not depend on other, rather they depended upon their own abilities. Prophet Muhammad (Sm) is the best example of self-help. Sher-e-Bangla depended on his own capacity to be a successful lawyer and a great statement. And there are so many examples that inspired us to be a self-dependant. So we must not depend upon others in any way.

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