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Composition on Truthfulness

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Introduction: when a man speaks just what is right he speaks the truth. Truthfulness means the habit of speaking the truth. It is a great virtue of a mankind. A truthful man is true to his thought and deeds.

It wins love and respect/usefulness importance: a truthful man wins the love and respect of all. People believe what thee says. People believe what he says. They can rely on him. Truth is of great use in our practical life. If we are to determine the offence of a person, we have to depend upon the evidence of some witness. If they are truthful, we can arrive at a right conclusion. If they are not truthful, we arrive at a wrong conclusion.

Example of truthfulness: a truthful man is straightforward and bold. All believe him. There is an example of truthfulness. When he was a body, Hazrat Abdul Quader Zilani was going to Baghdad with some tradesman. Suddenly a gang of robbers attacked them. It was the assumption of the leader of the gang that he had forty gold coins with him sewed up inside his coat. At this, the leader along with his associates embraced Islam on the spot and gave up robbery for good.

Truth shall prevail the long run: the world moves upon truth. Falsehood is sure to be detected. It will then bring disgrace upon it. To support a lie we have to tell lies. We are always in fear of detection. Thus we lose peace of mind.

The man who is a liar: Nobody believes a liar. The story of the wolf and the cowboy is the best example of it. The cowboy used to cry out ‘Tiger’, ‘Tiger’ for fun. When the villagers came to kill the tiger he would only laugh. One day the tiger really come. He cried out loudly, but none came to help him. As a result, the tiger killed him and his cattle. It was the punishment of the liar cowboy.

Truth shall be cultivated from infancy: truthfulness is the mother of courage, justice, benevolence and all other moral virtues. If we do not cultivate truthfulness in our boyhood, it is difficult for us to shake off the habit of telling lies when we grow old. Besides, a nation cannot exist without truth. The nations which achieved renown and greatness in this world, always stuck to the truth. So our man should cultivate truthfulness.

Conclusion: we must be sure of our words and deeds. We should love truth so that we may be loved and respected by all.

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