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Essay on Character

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[Hints: introduction; Characterless man; A man of character; Building character; Value of character. Formation of character; Conclusion]

Introduction: Character is the holy and noble virtue of a man which controls his activities. Honesty, truthfulness politeness, sympathy, and charity are the qualities of a man’s character.

Characterless man: The man who does not possess the noble virtues, is not better than a lower animal. He can do anything he likes Such type of a man is dangerous to the society.

A man of character: A man of character may be poor, uneducated. But he is better than a rich and educated characterless man. Everyone love and respects a characterful man while a characterless man is hated by everyone. A man of character wins the love and respect of all.

Building character: Childhood is the best time of building character. Parents are the first teachers who help to build up the character of their children. Then the teachers of the academic institute build up the character of their students. They teach them moral qualities.

Value of Character: Character is more powerful than knowledge. than religions preach the value of the character. it serves man better than an armed soldier. Character strengthens the mind. The character is the crown of a man.

Formation a character: Character should be formed from childhood. Parents at home and teachers at the school have an important role in forming the character of boys and girls. Truth is the breath of a man of character. He is always true to his promise and never plays anyone false. He is always honest and upright in his dealings with his fellowmen. He is a man of principles and never falters in the face of dangers and difficulties. He is liberal and generous in his views. He has strong control over his passions.

Conclusion: Man is the best creation of Allah only for his (man’s) character and conscience. We should bear it in mind that “Money is lost nothing is lost, Health is lost something is lost, but the character is lost everything is lost.”

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