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Essay On My Best Friend

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[Hints: Introduction, My best friend, His qualities, My relationship with him, Conclusion.]

Introduction: I am familiar with many but I have a few friends. Man is a social being. He cannot without company or friends. But these days it is very difficult to have a good, sincere, dependable friend. Not all people are our friends as we casually call them.

My best friend: I have few intimate friends and of them Maruf is the best. We have been in the same class and studying in the same school for the last five years. Also, we live near each other. He comes of a respectful, educated, well-to-do family. His father is a doctor. He works in a government hospital. His mother is a teacher and the work in a local high school.

His qualities: I am happy that I have got Maruf as my friend. He has a lot of qualities. He is intelligent, kind, helpful, loving and Well-behaved.
He is also very polite and gentle. He behaved politely with others. He is a good student too. He helps the weak students in the class when they fail to understand any lesson. All the teachers and the students in our class like him. He is also a good speaker and has won many prizes in debates.

My relationship with him: my relationship with Maruf is very sweet. For me, he is a very valuable friend. We share each gather’s joys and sorrows. He is very good at English and Science subjects. When I have any problem with these subjects, he makes me understand it. I help him with social and religious studies. I am really proud of him, for he is not a fair-weather friend. He is a well-tested friend. We go to school together, come back home from school together, play together and spend most of our free time together. There is no secret between us. We fully enjoy our friendship and company. There is also a good relationship between our two families. Whenever I visit his house his parents receive me warmly. His parents love me like their own son. They occasionally visit our house and my parents visit theirs too.

Conclusion: Ours is an ideal and lasting friendship because it is based on mutual trust and cooperation. Many students are jealous of our friendship. Some of them have tried to create a misunderstanding between us but have always failed. With the passage of time it has become stronger and more abiding. We are lucky. We feel incomplete and unhappy without each other. May God bless your friendship.