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Short Essay On The Teacher I like Most

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Now I am a student of class viii. I have come across a number of teachers in my school. But all are not equal in nature, behave and in teaching. A few of them are interesting. One of them is our English teacher. His name is Akbar Ali. He is my favorite teacher.

Mr. Akbar Ali is very much popular with the students. His pleasing manner, imposing personality, excellent mode of teaching, love and affection and above all strict discipline are very much liked by me. So he is my favorite teacher.

Mr. Akbar Ali is an M.A in English literature. He is punctual, honest, dutiful and kind. He has a great love for the students. He mixes freely and likes talking with us. He creates interest in his subject. He makes the students spellbound to his lecture, the teachers in such a way that, we need not read it again in our home. He easily manages the naughty boys. Students have never seen to miss his class. He comes to the school in time, even on rainy days. He knows much and shares his knowledge with the students. He is neither selfish nor self-centered. He has a good relationship with other teachers. His important quality is that he can easily talk any kind of problem. He is also famous for his smartness and art of speaking.

Mr. Akbar Ali possesses so many qualities that I have become one of his admirers. I have never seen such an interesting person like him. Being a student of such a teacher I feel proud.

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