Composition on My Favorite Teacher

Question: Write a short composition about, “My Favorite Teacher.”

Answer: A good teacher is an important man of the society and the country. He is a potential nation-builder. In fact, teachers are the guardians of civilization. They stand next to parents. An ideal teacher is a teacher who dedicates his life to the welfare of his students, society and the country. An ideal teacher must have the capacity of teaching effectively. To him, teaching will not only be his profession but a mission. He must be amiable and well-behaved. He must take proper care of his students. Every student loves a good teacher. Mr Razzak is such a good teacher in our school. He is our English teacher. He is very popular with the students. I like him most.

There are many reasons for liking him most. Here some of his good qualities for which I have been one of his devotees are described in a nut-shell.

Although English is a hard subject, he teaches us in such a way that we need not read it again at home. He has the capacity to create interest in the mind of the students. For this, the young students listen to him with proper attention. He is very conscious of his students. He always speaks gently and behaves with proper attention. He is very conscious of his students. He always speaks gently and behaves with the students s like a friend. This is why there is hardly any student who misses his class willingly.

He is very intelligent and can discover cover the hidden treasure inside each student. His convincing power is very great. He can convince easily even the naughty students with his sweet and lucid voice. He tries his best to correct the students.

He is very dutiful, punctual and gentle. He never denies his duties to the students and the college. With much care and earnestness, he carries on his duties. He loves us very much. His love and affection are equal to all. He never behaves badly with the students and his stuff.

He is very honest and sincere. He never tells a lie. He never allows the students to adopt unfair means in the examination hall. He is always against injustice. He is pious and kind. He behaves well with the students. He helps them prepare their lesson. He is never angry with the students. students ask him questions, he does not feel annoyed. He plays with the students. He takes any part in the extracurricular activities of the students. he accompanies the student for the picnic and study tour. He behaves like a friend of the students. So, every student loves and respect him. He is very much cultural minded. All the cultural activities of our school are conducted under his direction. He can stonewall and recite poems wonderfully. He is a progressively minded man. He is not biased withhold thoughts and ideas of life. He feels the necessity to fulfil the demands of the modem age.

Mr Razzak is a successful teacher. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his conquering qualities of an ideal teacher. He is our teacher, friend and guardian. So, I like him most/best. I wish him a happy and prosperous long life.

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