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Short Paragraph on My Class Teacher

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Question: write a paragraph on ‘your class teacher’ with special mention of the following things:-

  1. His name and age.
  2. His educational qualification.
  3. The subject he teaches.
  4. His mode of teaching.
  5. His behavior with the students.
  6. Some other qualities.

Answer: The name of our class teacher is Md. Rafiqul Islam. He is about 40 years old. He is an M.A.B.Ed. He comes to our class in the first period; records attendance and maintains the account. He teaches us English. He is a good teacher. He explains the lesson in a very simple way. He makes to lesson interesting to us. He takes special care of the weak student. He makes us confident. He never beats us. Sometimes he tells us the story. He is also a sportsman. He often plays with us. He is smart, sincere, dutiful, and honest. He is really a teacher, a friend, and a guide to us. We are very lucky to have a teacher like him.


Paragraph about My Class Teacher

The name of my class teacher is Mrs. Mahinur Akter Monika. She is a B.A. She is good looking, nice woman and well qualified. She is my favorite teacher. Her method of teaching style is different from others. She teaches us the subject of English. She teaches us in such a way that we do not need to read the lesson again at home. She always makes our lesson interesting and lively. She makes lessons easy for students. She always speaks gently. She behaves with us like a friend. She advises us to attend the class regularly. She never makes it late to come to his class. She is very regular in attendance. She teaches us with love. She likes us very much as her sons. She encourages us in learning English She also finds it interesting in working with us in the classroom and outside. After all, she is very helpful to us. We like her very much.

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