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Short Paragraph on The Victory Day

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘The Victory Day’. Follow the instructions given below. Date and year, Its background, How observed, Its significance.

Answer: The 16th The December. 1971 is a memorable day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day in 1971, the Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the joint command of Mukti Bahini and the Indian Armed forces. So, this day is called the Victory Day of Bangladesh. With the arrival of this day, we remember our bloody struggle of 1971. Innumerable martyrs shed a sea of blood for the independence of their beloved motherland. Every year the whole nation gets new motion on this day. The day is observed in an enthusiastic manner. Different victory stage is erected by different social, political, and cultural organizations throughout the country. Special programs are broadcast on TV and radio. The sky and air are resounded with patriotic songs. We fell a special touch of thrill on this day. Flags fly with flattering sound on the top of the govt and non-govt. buildings. All the non-govt and residential buildings are decorated with colorful flags and festoons Shahid Minars become overcrowded with people of all classes with flowers in hands. The whole nation is a festive mood on the occasion. Various meetings, rally, seminars are held and the nation takes oath for her economic emancipation. We observe the Victory Day with due solemnity and firmness.