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Essay on The Freedom Fight of Bangladesh

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Introduction: Bangladesh is now an independent country in South Asia. At a time, she was not free. She has achieved independence on December 16th, 1971. this independence is earned after much sacrifice. It has a painful and thrilling story. Because the people of Bangladesh fought for freedom with courage and determination and won a glorious victory in the time of only nine months.

Background: When the British leadership ended in the sub-continent, the two countries rise. They were Pakistan and India. Again, Pakistan was made up of two separate parts. Their names were East Pakistan and West Pakistan. Both Pakistan’s were ruled by the leaders of West Pakistan. East Pakistan had a larger population than West Pakistan but it never got its due share in any place. The demands of its people always fell on deaf ear. So, unrest grew so fast and the leaders of public opinion expressed their complaints.

The six-point programme: The most popular leader in East Pakistan, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, planed the six-point programme. For this reason, he was imprisoned. At least the government was obliged to release him.

The general election of 1970: General Yahya Khan came to power and the general election was held in 1970. The Awami League won a complete majority. But Yahya Khan suspended the first session of the National Assembly. The Historical Public Meeting of 7th March: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called a historical public meeting on 7the March 1971. In this meeting, he asked the people to get ready with their weapons.

Black night of 25th March: The night of 25th March was very dangerous to the people of East Pakistan. When they were sleeping at this night, the West Pakistan Army attacked them and Began killing them.

Declaration of Independence: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh on the 26th March 1971. It is a Red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On that day he was arrested.

Liberation War: The Pakistan Army began burning houses, looting wealth, raping women and killing innocent persons. They spread-out all-over Bangladesh. About 10 million people fled the country and took shelter in India. Some Bangladeshis determined to fight against the enemy soldiers. A temporary government of Bangladesh was formed with Syed Nazrul Islam as acting president. Colonel A.G. Osmani was made Commander in Chief of Bangladesh Armed Forces. Many people of all ages began to receive training in the use of arms at home and abroad. They formed a strong liberation force and became able to face the enemy successfully. After about eight months, the Indian forces joined with the liberation forces. The Pakistan forces surrendered to the combined forces in Bangladesh. General Niazi, Commander of the Pakistan Army, signed the document of surrender in Bangladesh on December 16th, 1971. As a result, Bangladesh arose as an independent state in the world.

Conclusion: Now we are an independent nation. About thirty lakhs of people died for this independence. We respect them and never forget their sacrifice. They who sacrifice their lives for the liberation are immortal. So, it is our sacred responsibility to protect the freedom of our motherland.

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