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Composition on Liberation War of Bangladesh

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Liberation of Bangladesh


Introduction: we know that the terms ‘man’ and ‘freedom’ are integrated with each other very deeply. They are so integrated that they can better be compared only to the two flowers bloomed in the same petal on the same brace of a tree.

Man’s birthright: freedom is the birthright of man. No one has any right to snatch away this right. But as ill-luck would have been, we had to suffer under the shackles of slavery for long 190 years under the British colonial rule and about 25 years under the barbaric domination of the Pakistani rulers. Then we had to groan under the untold pangs and atrocities of these two autocratic rulers.

Causes of liberation war: many are the causes of liberation war of Bangladesh. The British colonial rule ended up in 1947 with the birth of two independent states up in 1947 with the birth of two independent states called India and Pakistan Bangladesh became a province of Pakistan, the Pakistan rulers began to treat the Bengalese with the very cruel attitude of a step-mother. A sky high disparity was created by them in the different spheres of national life. These were made simultaneously in political, economic, social and cultural spheres, these deprivation and exploitation of the Pakistani rulers created serious grievances and resentments among the Bengalese. As a result, at one time, they lost the limits of their patience and rose up and revolted against them. Banga-bondhu sheikh mujibur rahan declared six-point magna carta in 1966. it proved to be a death blow to the Pakistani rulers. They put him in the jail bringing a false charge called Agartala conspiracy against him. But they were compelled to set him free unconditionally in the face of a mass upsurge. Then came up the general election in 1970. Sheikh mujibur rahman had a landslide victory in the election. But they denied to recognize has electoral triumph. This acted as the immediate cause for the Bengalese to stand up against them and demand independence.

Declaration of war: sheikh mujibur rahman roared up like a lion and made a clarion call to the people to stand up and fight to liberate Bangladesh from the grip of the Pakistani brutal. This declaration was made on the 7th March, 1971 in the race course ground before an overwhelming crowd. He declared in a thundering like, this time’s struggle is for freedom, this time’s struggle is for independence. This result was that he was arrested and taken the prisoner to West Pakistan. The Pakistani occupation forces fell upon the sleeping Bengalese on the night of 25 marches, 1971 and started committing genocide barbarously. In this way, the whole nation got plunged into a darkness of serious uncertainty. Then ziaur rahman, an army officer came forward and declared independence of Bangladesh on behalf of sheikh mujebur rahman from kalurghat radio center. People from all walks of life joined the liberation war and fought guerrilla fight with the Pakistani occupation forces. M.A.G Osmani was made the chief commander of liberation forces. The whole country was divided into eleven war sectors under eleven army officers to conduct the war. The liberation forces comprised former E.P.R members, army personnel’s, policies and freedom fighters. India provided galleria training and other support to the freedom fighters. The war ultimately turned into a bloodily one and continued for long nine months.

Ultimate victory: there goes a well-known proverb, ‘god helps those who help themselves.’ Independence does never come down to any people. A people must raise themselves to it. It is a fruit that must be earned before it can be enjoyed. Our people also duly rose to the occasion and god helped them as he is committed to doing. Our liberation forces got more furious and fought more valiantly and made the occupation forces corner in all sectors from all sides. There was only one slogan in the lip of every freedom fighter. ‘We are in we are in war just to defend only one flower’ again, there was another popular slogan in everybody’s lip. ‘Your address and my address are the addresses of the Padma, the Meghna and the jauna’ at last came down our long expected victory at cost of the lives of more than 30 lacks people. The Pakistani occupation forces surrendered to the allied forces at the racecourse ground on 16 December 1971. Thus a new and free nation was born on the world map. The people were wild with joy and excitement and danced in the streets. The sky and the air were ringing with the patriotic song of Tagore,

“My Bengal of gold, I love you.”

The significance of winning victory: the significance of the victory in the war of liberation is too much to be described in words. Our victory is a landmark event in our national history. This victory has disproved the saying, ‘might is right’ and has proved the saying, ‘justice triumphs in the long run’. The victory reminds us of the heroic sacrifices made by our heroic sons for the noble cause of freedom. It also inspires us to make their dream of building up our beloved motherland as Bengal of gold. We feel a great pride that our sons went to the battle of their own accord and were staunch to the end against odds uncounted. The world people were struck with wonder at the undaunted bravery and boldness of the freedom fighters. Thus the freedom fighters have conquered death by dying for a noble cause and left behind them an undying glory of dedication on the sands of time. They will remain ever fresh in the innermost hearts of the people like the luminous stars studded in the sky. Let me quote the words of the poet,

“There is music in the midst of desolation,
And a glory that shines upon our tears.”

Implications of winning victory: sheikh mujibur rahman, our great leader, made an ever-memorizing remark about the implication of the war of liberation, ‘the great spirit of our liberation war is our feelings that are vibrating our heart and soul and declaring us Bengalese’ mask hardens, a British journalist, in his famous war-book. ‘Bangladesh: a legacy of blood’, says ‘the holy spirit of the liberation war could lead the bangles to reach the highest pinnacle of success.’ We shall ever remember the martyrs of the war of liberation with great gratitude,

“We shall never forget those
Who achieved independence
For a sea of blood.”

Conclusion: we all pray to Almighty Allah to have blessed us with giving the greatest achievement of our life which is independence. Let us take an oath to build up our shattered bangle as a Bengal of gold.

‘We have got back our days
Through shedding a gulf of blood,
This time we will build up
Our bangle as a Bengal of gold’.

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