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Composition on How I Celebrated the Last Independence Day

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Introduction: the Independence Day is a day of great festivity to the people of all walks of life. The 26th march is our independence day. This year we celebrated this gala day in our school with great enthusiasm.

Preparation: the day before we decorated our school building tastefully with flags and festoons. I got up early in the morning on the day and hurried to the school. Within a few minutes, all students and teachers gathered in the school compound. We then lined up in a semi-circle before the flag. Our headmaster hoisted the national flag with the singing of the national anthem. We then saluted the flag, the symbol of our national pride and pressing. Then our headmaster gave a short speech. He said that we should hold the national flag in high esteem and keep up its prestige at all costs. After the hoisting of the flag, we look out a long procession and marched through different roads with various slogans.

Meetings and enjoyments: the road march being over, we assembled in the hall of the school where a meeting was held. Our headmaster took the chair. There some teachers, gentlemen and some of our students delivered speeches suited to the occasion. Then our headmaster delivered a short but valuable speech. He stressed mainly on the importance of the patriotic feelings of the people for the cause of motherland. He said, ‘independence does never descend upon any people. A people must raise themselves to it. It is a fruit that must be earned before it can be enjoyed. Every one of us should bear in mind that it is more difficult to protect independence that to achieve it. Again, we should know that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. We must love our country through fire and water and follow the motto, ‘friendship to all, malice to none. Love all people under the sun.’ the poor were given rich and clothes collected from the local merchants. In the afternoon, we gathered in the school field to take part in games and sports. In the evening, the school building was beautifully illuminated with a candle.

The significance of the day: it is needless to speak of the significance of the Independence Day in our life. Freedom is the birthright of an. No one has any right to snatch away this right. Despite the fact, we had to suffer dearly for lack of freedom for a pretty long time and live quite a sub-human life. We had land but we had no native land. We had language but we had no voice. To speak the truth, we were treated just like the inanimate objects of the earth. So we had no other alternative than to stand upright for the cause of our existence. We shattered to shackles of slavery and won independence in 1971. So the achievement of independence is a milestone in the life of the Bengali. It is not merely a date of the yearly calendar. It is a day of crowning glory of an oppressed nation. It is a day of great victory – a victory of justice over injustice, a victory of truth over falsehood, a victory of light over darkness, a victory of freedom over slavery and a victory of humanity over inhumanity. It is a day of taking an oath of dedicating life to the cause of motherland.

Conclusion: thus the Independence Day was celebrated in our school with great pomp, color, and splendor. I returned the home a heart full of pride and glory of being a blessed son of an independent country. The memory of the day reminds me of the two great lines of the poet,

“there is music in the midst desolation,
And a glory that upon our tears.”

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