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Paragraph on Celebration of Independence Day in My School

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Question: Write a paragraph on Independence Day. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.

  1. How was the last Independence Day celebrated in your school?
  2. How was the school compound on the day?
  3. Who was the chief guest?
  4. Who chaired the program?
  5. What were some activities on the program?

Answer: This year’s Independence Day was celebrated with due honor and solemnity at our school. The school compound was decorated with various festoons, banners, flags, and placards. The day’s program started with the hoisting of the national flag. Then there was the scouts’ march past. The chief guest took the salute. Then the national anthem was sung by the audience present there. After that, a discussion meeting was held in the school auditorium. Teachers, students, and some invited guests were present there. The chief guest was Principal Abdul Majid, a well-known educationist in our area. Our Headteacher chaired the program. Teachers and students took part in the discussion. Everybody heard the chief guest’s speech with rapt attention. His speech enkindled the patriotic zeal in the minds of the audience. The last event was a cultural program. Students sang patriotic songs, recited poems on liberation war and at the end staged a drama. The program ended with our Headteacher’s thanksgiving speech. This day really became an important and memorable day in my life.

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