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Short Composition on Our National Flag

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The national flag is regarded as the symbol of independence of a country. Every independent country has the national flag which bears much dignity and deserves respects from the people. As an independent country, we also have a national flag, which was designed by the late Kamrul Hassan, one of the reputed artists of the country. We all respect our flag bowing our heads before it.

There is a bitter background to achieving this flag. To achieve this flag we had to struggle for nine months. During this time we lost a lot of blood from the chest of our heroic sons. Common people also lost their lives during this time. Girls lost their chastity, and mothers lost their children, but they did not lose heart to achieve the flag. By using all strength the people of this country were struggling against the Pakistani Army and at last, achieved the independence of which the token is our national flag.

The size of our national flag is conspicuous and significant. It is of rectangular size. The standard ratio of its length and width 10:6 there is a red circle in the middle of the green flag. The red circle must be one-fifth of the entire length of the flag.

Our national flag bears a great significance. The red portion of it reminds us of our bloody struggle and the green color of the rest portion signifies the fresh and green environment of our country.
The national flag shows the sovereignty of our country when it flows by the wind. In schools, colleges, and other Govt. institutes or offices, the national flag is hoisted. On some special days which are regarded as important for our nation, the national flag is kept half-mast. The free movement of the national flag shows the independence of our country and uphold the dignity of us as an independent nation over the world.

The national flag signifies our dignity and prestige. It is achieved through the incomparable sacrifice of life of lives of our heroic sons. So, it is our duty to preserve its honor.

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