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Composition on Our Victory Day

Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Our Victory Day.

Answer: December 16 is our Victory Day. Every year this day is observed with great fervour and solemnity. It is a red-letter day in the life of the Bangladeshis. It comes with great hopes and aspirations. It reminds us of the great sacrifices and struggle of the dedicated souls in 1971. Millions of people laid down their lives to uphold Bangladesh in the world map as a free, independent and sovereign country. In exchange for a sea of blood, we achieved our great historical independence on the 16th December 1971. After the nine months’ long struggle, the Pakistani Army was bound to surrender. So, it is a day of great pride for the Bangladeshis.

At the dead of night on March 25, 1971, the Pakistani Army started to massacre the Bangladeshis. The renowned persons such as the poets, the novelists, the scientists were killed inhumanly to make the country baseless. But the Bangladeshis stood against their evil intention. The Liberation War started and it continued for long nine months. At last the Pakistani Army surrendered to the freedom fighters unconditionally. On December 16, Bangladesh became free from the enemies. So this day is considered as our Victory Day.

The Pakistani Army surrendered to the freedom fighters at the Race Course Field in Dhaka.
The Victory Day is a day of great achievement for us. Our nation has been considered a heroic nation. We started our glorious advancement from this historic day. So, this day is very important in the national arena of the Bangladeshis.

We celebrate the day with great respect. People visit the memorials to show their profound respect to the freedom fighters and different socio-cultural organizations organize various programmes on this day.
If we can ensure a sound life for all, only when the great sacrifice of the martyrs will be garlanded. So, following their footsteps, we should try our best to abide by the rules and regulations of our country. Then our Victory Day will be meaningful.