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Composition on Celebration of Independence Day

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Question: Write a short composition that expresses your opinion about “Celebration of Independence Day“.

Answer: The Independence Day is every March. It is really the day and to every nation. Our Independence Day is the 26th March. It is really a day of pride, rejoices and merriment. This day is so great to us because, on this day in 1971, the proclamation of independence was made.

In 1947 Pakistan emerged as a Muslim state with its two wings-East and West Pakistan. During twenty-four years of Pakistani rule, the people of Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan) were oppressed, suppressed and exploited. In spite of being the majority of the population, the people of Bangladesh were deprived of their political, economic and cultural rights. The disparity between two wings became wider and grievances and discontentment among the Bangalees continued to grow which resulted in upsurge and mass revolution in 1969. But the Pakistani rulers tried to stop the mass revolution with the help of arms. Moreover, President General Yahia Khan refused to hand over power to Awami League that won a landslide victory.

On March 7 in 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman made a clarion call for fighting and resisting Pakistani army as well as Pakistani rulers. At night of the 26th March, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested and was taken to Pakistan. Just before his arrest, he declared the independence of Bangladesh. From that night struggle and fierce fighting between Bangladesh freedom fighters and West Pakistani soldiers started. This resulted in the victory of Bangladesh through the supreme sacrifice of thirty lakhs of patriotic and valiant sons. Consequently, Bangladesh gained independence.

The 26th of March is celebrated as the Independence Day. This day is observed in a befitting manner every year throughout the country. Flags are hoisted on top of all private and public buildings. The educational institutions ‘celebrate the day with due fervour and honour. Attractive parades and march pasts are arranged in different stadiums. Various organisations arrange seminars, symposiums to observe the day. People offer prayers in the mosques, temples and churches for the welfare and prosperity of our country. In the afternoon, many people participate in sports and games. In the evening, all the houses and buildings are illuminated with colourful lights. At night people attend cultural functions and theatrical performances arranged for the occasion.

This day helps us to realise the value of independence and sacrifice of our martyrs. It makes us aware of defending our freedom at any cost.