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Short Composition A Motor Launch Disaster

Question: Write a short composition on Describe of “A Motor Launch Disaster“.

Answer: Life is full of uncertainties and hazards. Disasters are very common in Bangladesh. Especially natural disasters along with mechanical and social disasters are also common features in our country. Many people die in road accidents and hundreds of people die in the rivers during their journey. Such an accident occurred last year.

It was the month of May 2008. The offices and industries were all closed for Eid al-Adha. people are eager to meet their near and dear ones were rushing to the launch terminal at Sadarghat in Dhaka. A beautiful launch equipped with a new engine was ready at the terminal. It was bound for Barisal. Passengers boarded on the launch with their luggage and other stall ‘belongings but their number was more than the vessel had the capacity. The authority an of the launch did not take into account the possible danger that might result from overloading.

The darkness of the evening set in. The sky was overcast with clouds. The weather was quite threatening. The ‘Sarang’ scented the danger and told the passengers of this. But the passengers were so anxious to reach home and meet their relatives that they were not ready to listen to any signal. They insisted on starting the launch and finally it started. It was about 9 p.m. while the launch was moving along a wide and vast expanse of water. The apprehended storm began to blow. The launch was tossing on the furious and violent waves of the river. It was near to the bank of the river and the anchors were cast in order to save the launch from the fury of the storm. The passengers were asked to keep the windows open so that the wind might pass easily through. All possible precautions were taken to avoid the possible disaster.

The launch stayed there for about two hours. When the situation improved a little, it started again. It was moving ahead with a great speed but it could not proceed even a mile when the storm took a very serious turn. The passengers realized that they would soon meet their end of life. Suddenly, to the utter-misfortune of the passengers, the launch sank and water rushed into the hole of it. The passengers who were ready with life-buoys jumped into the river. The women and the children who were ready for the mishap could get little time to jump at the moment. The launch which was packed to suffocation gradually went under water. After In the disaster some of the passengers could swim to the shore. The others had to meet the watery grave.