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Report On a Storm in Tangail

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Question: A report on a storm in Tangail.

Storm in Tangail

Answer: Tangail, 10 July 2019: A violent storm hit Tangail district yesterday at about 5 pm. The storm flew at a speed of 150 km per hour and lasted about an hour. The storm was combined with thunder and lightning. It hit about 12 villages of the district and demolished almost all of the houses of those villages. It took away the lives of 7 people and many were injured seriously. Many trees were uprooted and the crops were damaged totally. Many domestic animals also died in the storm. At present, the people of the affected villages have been undergoing’ untold sufferings. Hundreds of people have become homeless. They are now living in the sky. They are now greatly in need of food, medicine, pure drinking water, etc. Government and some other helping organizations have come forward to lessen the miseries of the sufferer.