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Report on Floods in Northern Districts

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Question: A report on floods in Northern districts

Floods in Northern Districts

Answer: Staff correspondent, Rajshahi, Rajshahi, 20 July 2007: Flood situations in Rajshahi and Naogaon deteriorated further inundating fresh areas in the last 24 hours while diarrhoea broke out in some places.

Two people, including a child, drowned in floodwaters at Mohanpur and two died of diarrohea at Keshorehat of Rajshahi in last two days.

About 2000 homeless people took refuge at 11 flood shelters in the affected areas where only 20 maunds of chira were distributed as a relief. Government assessment counted about 54,300 families as badly affected by the flood. Diarrhea broke out at Mohnopur, Bagmara and Keshorehat areas of Rajshahi causing the death of two and affecting some 50 others.

Fresh areas of Mohanpur and Bagmara Upazilas of Rajshahi have been flooded as strong currents caused breaches in the flood control embankment at Tengra and Meladi.

Standing crops, vegetables, fish farms on over one thousand hectares of land have also been washed away by floodwater.