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Paragraph on Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a poor country. Yet, it is an irony of fate that she has fallen victim to natural calamities like floods, cyclones and tornadoes. For instance, a cyclone hit the coastal areas of Bangladesh in April 1991 and affected about one million people in sixteen districts. It is estimated that nearly 1,40,000 people lost their lives while about 1,38,849 people were injured. The sufferings of the survivors knew no bounds. They suffered because of lack of food, pure drinking water and medicines. Calamities like the cyclone of 1991 occur frequently. For example, the floods of 1988 caused untold miseries. Then the cyclone called Sidr in November 2007 was devastating. Bangladesh is located in the active earthquake zone and is troubled by mild earthquakes. Some scientists predict that there is every possibility of a major earthquake. Besides, she is plagued by soil erosion which has made thousands of people homeless. It is impossible to prevent natural calamities but it is possible to reduce losses by raising public awareness and by taking necessary precautionary measures.

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