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Story on An Ant and A Dove

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Once upon a time, there lived a dove in the bush of a wood. There were also some ants surrounding the bush. One day an ant came down from the bush and was seeking food on the bank of a pond. By chance, it slipped and fell into the water. The ant tried hard to save her life but failed to get ashore. At that time the dove was seated in the branch of a tree from where he saw the miserable condition of the ant. Then he carried a straw by his beak to drop it in the water. The ant crept and caught hold of it and saved her life. The ant became too much grateful to the dove. A few days later, the ant saw a person fix his gun to shoot the dove. At that time the ant went to the man and crept upon the man’s leg and bit the man. Then the man failed to shoot the dove and thus missed his target. At that moment the dove got the chance to fly. Thus the ant saved the dove’s life.


The Ant and the Dove

It was a hot summer day. A little ant was walking slowly in the hot sun. After some time it became tired and thirsty. So it went to the bank of a river to quench its thirst, suddenly the rush of the stream carried it away and it was on the point of drowning. So, it started shouting for getting help. At that time a dove was sitting on a tree and he heard the shouting of the ant. He looked down to see the ant. When he saw the ant he plucked and let it fall to the river. The ant reached for the leaf and climbed onto it. The leaf took the ant to the side and the ant thanked the bird. After sometimes a hunter came and he stood under the tree. Then he watched the dove closely and his gun was ready to shoot. The ant knew it. He stung the hunter on the head. The hunter shouted in pain. He threw down his gun. The noise he made caused the dove to fly. Then the dove thanked the ant for its great work.

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