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Paragraph on Tree Plantation

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The tree is one of the most important elements of our environment. It is impossible to think of any environment without trees. So tree plantation is a burning question indeed. We know that trees supply us with oxygen and receive carbon dioxide. We cannot live without oxygen. The food that we eat to live, the medicine that we take to cure diseases, the furniture that we use for comfort, the dress that we wear to look good, the cars and vehicles that we use to run our life smooth tree is a must. That is why we need to consider tree plantations. Planting trees according to the need and necessities of the environment is called tree plantation. We know that to keep the balance of the environment 25% of a country should be wood area. But many countries of the world do not have this quantity of wood area. In Bangladesh, we have only 6% forest area of total land. It is not at all desirable to us. So realizing the need and necessity we should be aware of tree plantations. In the tree plantation week from July 1 to 7, we all should plant at least one piece of tree. We can plant trees in the open space of our houses, fields and by the side of the roads. To ensure a healthy environment, we should stop deforestation and provide tree plantations. If we can keep the balance of the environment we will live better. So we all should come forward to prevalent tree plantation.

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