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Paragraph on The Necessity of Tree Plantation

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph (100 words).

  1. What is the necessity of tree plantation?
  2. How do trees help us?
  3. How does a country become affected by deforestation?
  4. Why should people grow more trees?
  5. What will be the result of tree plantation?

Answer: The trees give us food, oxygen, and fuel. If there were no trees, there would have been no oxygen resulting in a lifeless world. The indiscriminate cutting down of trees may lead to a desertification. The loss of trees means the loss of life. It leads to fewer rains and fall of harvest. This fall of harvest leads to famine with the result that many people will die of starvation. Besides, heat, pollution, flood, disease are the result of deforestation. So to save mankind forests should be preserved. Birds and beasts will have no place to live in. Thus wildlife will be extinct and the balance of Nature will be disturbed. To prevent it, deforestation should be discouraged and awareness of the importance of trees has to be developed to keep the earth greener, cleaner and safer for the future. We should, therefore, grow more trees and preserve those that were planted before.

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