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Deforestation Paragraph

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Deforestation means cutting more and more trees. We know that the tree is our best friend on earth. It is essential for the environmental balance. It is essential for our existence. We cannot live without it. Yet, it is being destroyed by the unwise act of human beings. We cut down trees to get timber and firewood. We also use trees as our housing material. As a result, our world is becoming tree-vacant. Cutting too many trees leads the world to the desert. It is responsible for greenhouse effect. For this, man’s ability to grow food is decreasing. Birds and animals are losing their habitats. Many of them have already been extinct. For too much heat, the polar ice caps will melt. Most of the parts of the world will be flooded. There will be no ecological balance. Thus, the world will be unfit for living. Every person should plant trees. In every vacant space, trees should be planted. More and more trees should be planted on both sides of roads and embankments. The tree plantation campaign should be continued everywhere. Public awareness is essential to make the campaign successful. Both the Government and the countrymen should come forward. The more we plant trees, the more we do good for us.

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