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Paragraph on Global Warming

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Global warming, the rising temperature around the world, has some causes and effects. The main reason for this global warming is the huge amount of carbon resulting from environmental pollution. Again the destruction of forests adds to this problem. The growth of industries, increasing number of vehicles and the use of CFCs in manufacturing and packaging industries are also the causes of the rice temperature in the atmosphere. This increase in the world’s temperature has some fatal consequences on humans, animals, and plants. The increased amount of heat will melt the huge ice of the polar ice-caps and thereby, the sea level will rise. Then the salty water of the sea will mix with the river water and will come into the farmlands. Then the fertility of the lands will be lost and man’s ability to grow crops will be reduced. Furthermore, the lower regions of the world including the coastal areas of Bangladesh will go under water. Again, if the temperature rise continues, many of the species of animals will become extinct forever, So, effective measures must be taken to prevent global warming. Planting more trees and expansion of forestation programmers can go a long way to tackle the situation.  Using environment-friendly machines and avoiding the use of CFCs can also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Taking all these steps, we could prevent global warming so that we can make our life danger-free.




Paragraph on Global Warming / Climate Change

Global Warming is the result of climate change which is caused by the gradual increase in temperature in the world. It has become a current issue and is being discussed worldwide which is creating a great havoc for us. There are many causes of global warming. Deforestation at random is the main culprit of global warming. Increasing number of human settlement and rapid industrialization create global warming seriously. The impact of global warming beggar’s description. It has become very difficult to endure the excessive amount of heat during the summer season. Floods and droughts have become common affair throughout the world. The sufferings of the people are over on the increase. It has a great impact on agriculture. The crops are not grown properly. If the global warming keeps on increasing, the polar ice will be melted and the sea level will rise. Some coastal areas of the world will go underwater will also affect human health and psychology as well. People are being mentally disturbed by it. Therefore, we should be conscious of the impact of global warming and the concerned people should take necessary steps to control climate change for a better world and comfortable living for the living beings on earth.

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