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Composition on Greenhouse Effect

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Question: Write a short composition on “Greenhouse Effect.”

Answer: The rise in atmospheric temperature is known as the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is primarily responsible for the rise of temperature in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is given off when coal and oil are burnt. As a result, the ice caps covering the north and south poles are melting and eventually may lead to a rise in the sea levels which can flood many areas of the world. Scientists have already warned that some parts of the coastal areas of some countries including Bangladesh may go under water due to the greenhouse effect. The total areas of deserts are increasing every year. Many species of animals and plants are endangered with the threat of extinction. Cutting down of forests must be stopped. Tree plantation programme should be taken soon. Steps should be taken to put an end to the causes and sources of emitting carbon dioxide.

Massive afforestation programme should be taken so that the land area of Bangladesh can be filled with green plants. The abundance of green plants and vegetation can help to prevent dissertation.

The plantation can, on the other hand, prevent drought and ensure plenty of rainfall. Because of increasing forests, the process of global warming will be stopped. The recent SIDR in the oven forest coastal areas caused the death of thousands of people and animals. The manager a many Sundarbans protected so many lives and wealth. Had there been not the Sundarbans, as many as ten districts of coastal areas would have been totally extinct.

In a country, nearly 25% of its land should be the forest. But in Bangladesh, only 09% of our total land is covered with forest. It is too scanty to our need.

Due to the shortage of forest, carbon dioxide is increasing which is ultimately causing the rise in temperature in the atmosphere. But the increase of our forest area by planting more and more plants, we will be able to minimise carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because trees ‘take in carbon-dioxide and give off oxygen. As a result, the increase of atmospheric temperature will be stopped.

To conclude greenhouse effect is not only an atmospheric condition but also a great problem for us. Proper political, social and individual contribution towards nature can minimise the seniority to a great extent.