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Composition on Tree Plantation

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[Hints: introduction, classes of tree, narration, its influence on human life, its influence on climate, condition of our trees, aim of plantation, time of plantation, conclusion]

Many things have been created by Allah for the welfare of human beings. They have made related to nature. Nature helps us in many ways. Trees are the most part of nature. They are gifts of nature. They are many kinds of trees. Some are big and some are small. Some trees have branches and some have no branches. Some trees have flowers and some have no flowers. Some are famous for fruits and some are for supplying wood. A tree has commonly five parts. They are trunk, branches, flowers, leaves, and roots. It collects food from the ground by its roots. It also takes food from the sun and the air by its leaves. The tree gives shade and shelter to many people. Birds build their nests on the trees and men gets building materials from the tree. Many people use trees as fuel. Above all, the tree purifies the air by taking carbon-di-Oxide and omitting Oxygen. Trees maintain the balance of our environment. They make the land fertile. They save us from floods and cyclones. They also prevent air pollution. The people also prevent air pollution. The people of our country will be turned into a desert. It is high time for us to plant trees to save our environment. Trees are essential to man. So, everybody should plant trees in his home and look after them. Road or high-way side trees give shade and often save lives from accidents. Shady and fruit trees should be planted by the sides of roads, ponds, dams and railway lines. We can also plant trees on the school and college compound. As a result, we would be able to earn foreign currency by exporting wood, furniture, flowers, and fruits. June and July are the proper time for planting trees. Our government is aware of it and has taken positive and necessary steps in this direction. We should use fertilizer and water in them when necessary. ‘Tree plantation week’ must not be held in towns only. In villages, trees should by every family. Trees are very important to human life. So, we should plant more and more trees in order to maintain a balance in nature.

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