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Composition on Journey by Train

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Introduction: a journey by train is very pleasant. It was the month of October. At that time I was in my village to spend the autumn vacations. One of my friends invited me to go to his place to stay with him for a few days. His name was Mrinal. He lived at Kushtia. I accepted his invitation and started for the said place by train form Khulna railway station.

Occasion: I started at the railway station form my native village. I reached the Khulna station at 7:30 in the evening. It was jam-packed. Perhaps there was a party meeting in the public square. The people came from various places. Somehow, I purchased a ticket from Khulna Goalanda male. I had to face some difficulties but I got on board the second class compartment. The station was full of shouts of the coolies, noises of the peddlers and hurry of the passengers. When the train left the station at the whistle of the guard, I was becoming gradually happy. I was alone and thought cheaply about any journey. Sitting on the board by the window really became a philosopher.

Experience: the train was a super express and it was running at full speed. Within a short time, I reached Jessore station. The express was running faster. The train was running in the dark atmosphere. I cannot express my good feelings in human language. The stars were glittering in the sky. It seemed they are costar its companions. I passed many stations by the train. When the train halted at Chuadanga station, I was met with one of my classmates. He was going to Khaka. The train stopped at Poradah railway junction for half an hour. Within fifteen minutes I reached the Kushtia court station. My friend was waiting for me at the station. Just for a day my friend and I walked here and there in the town. According to our plan, we jointly started with another friend for Parbatipur.

Its charm: all of the journey, the railway journey is very charming. This journey was very much interesting to me. I passed rivers, plains bridges, meadows with their natural scenery with my bosom friend Mrinal. I had a camera and took a few snaps of the railway bridge and the fields. I did it not only for pleasure but also for valuable instruction. We came home by railway journey. My friend Mrinal separated from me at Paradah railway junction. I reached Khulna to Parbatipur via Kushtia including my friend will be remembered for its charms for long.

Conclusion: the railway journey reminds me of many things. It gave me much pleasure. I was experienced with the gravity of night, the loneliness of the journey, a sweet company of a friend, the shades of evening and returning of birds to their fine, it gives a philosophical outlook on life.

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