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Story on The Lion and The Mouse


One day a lion was sleeping in a cave. A mouse was playing nearby. The lion caught hold of the mouse. He became so angry that he wanted to kill the mouse. The mouse became very much frightened. But he did not lose heart. He said to the lion, “O king of the jungle, I am a very tiny creature. I made a big mistake, please forgive me this time. I may be of some help to you any time.” Hearing this the lion smiled and let the mouse go. Days, months and years passed by. One night the mouse heard the roar of a lion. The mouse went to the place from where the sound was coming. Having reached there he saw the lion trapped in a hunter’s net. The net was too strong for the lion to break. The mouse gave his identity and requested him not to make any sound. The mouse began to cut the rope with his sharp teeth. The lion was freed before dawn and expressed his gratitude to the mouse.


Do Not Neglect the Tiny Creatures

Once a lion was sleeping in a cave. At that time a mouse fell upon its body playing. The lion caught it and it began to tremble with fear. The lion wanted to kill the mouse. The mouse begged pardon to the lion. It said that it would help the lion in the future. At this, the lion laughed at the mouse and let it go. After some time, the lion fell into a trap and began to shout with fear. Listening to the shout, the mouse came to save the lion. The mouse cut the ropes of the net and the lion was saved. The lion became grateful to the mouse. The lion realized that every tiny creature might come to our assistance. From then the lion was kind-hearted to the tiny creatures.

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