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Story on A Cunning Fox Without A Tail

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Once there lived a very clever fox in a jungle. One day while walking through the jungle, he fell into a trap. He struggled hard and was able to come out of the trap minus his tail. The fox looked foolish and strange without his tail. He was very sad. He became envious of other foxes. He called a meeting. All the foxes assembled in the meeting. Then he shouted “Dear friends! I have made a great discovery. After long research, I have found that we do not need our tails. They are of little use. So, what is the use of carrying a tail? So, cut your tails. I have already cut off mine.” Hearing this, all the foxes were confused. But an old fox shouted “Do not cut your tails. Do not listen to him. He may have lost it in some way or another. Now he wants us to lose our tails”. Finding no other way, the fox fled away.


Story on A Fox without a Tail

Once, a fox was quietly crossing a field. But alas, suddenly he got trapped. Then he tried hard to come out of the trap. It was only after a tough struggle that she got free. But his tail got cut off. He was ashamed of his loss. “How ugly I shall look!” moaned the fox, “The other foxes will laugh at me!”  Thinking hard, the fox came up with a plan to save himself from being laughed at. For a long time, he kept away from the other Foxes, for he knew well enough that they would all make fun of him and crack jokes and laugh behind his back. But it was hard for him to live alone, and at last, he thought of a plan that would perhaps help him out of his trouble. He called a meeting of all the Foxes, saying that he had something of great importance to tell the tribe. When they were all gathered together, the Fox without a Tail got up and made a long speech about those Foxes who had come to harm because of their tails.

He said that men hunt Foxes simply for their tails, which they cut off as prizes of the hunt. With such proof of the danger and uselessness of having a tail, said Master Fox, he would advise every Fox to cut it off, if he valued life and safety. When he had finished talking, an old Fox arose, and said, smiling: “Master Fox, kindly turn around for a moment, and you shall have your answer.” When the poor Fox without a Tail turned around, they laughed aloud and replied, “You used to say that tails looked very fine when your own was all right. Now that you have lost yours, you want us to lose ours too.”

Advice: Do not listen to the advice of him who seeks to lower you to his own level.

Morality: Dirty tricks seldom work

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