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Paragraph on A Fox Without a Tail

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Question: Write a paragraph on A Fox Without a Tail by answering the following questions.

  1. How did Mr. Fox fall into a trap?
  2. What happened when he got out of the trap?
  3. Why did he call a meeting?
  4. What did he tell in the meeting?
  5. Why did Mr. Fox feel so ashamed and run away?

Answer: A Fox Without a Tail One day when Mr. Fox was walking through the jungle, he fell into a trap. He landed on his tail. When he got out of the trap. he left his tail behind. Without his tail, Mr. Fox looked very strange and felt very sad and ashamed. But Mr. Fox was very clever. He made a plan to make the other foxes cut their tails off. So, he called a meeting. In the meeting, he told the other foxes about the necessity of tails. So, they should cut off their tails. But an old wise fox told that Mr. Fox had lost tail falling into a trap. So, he wanted to cut their tails off. For this, Mr. Fox felt very ashamed and ran away.

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