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Story on Look Before You Leap

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Once there was a crocodile who had four children. The crocodile wanted to teach her children. So, she went to the fox and asked him if could teach her children. The fox gladly received the offer. So, the crocodile left her all children with the fox went back to the river. The fox liked to eat crocodile’s kids very much. So, he ate one of them. After a week the crocodile came to the fox to see her sweet children. The cunning fox showed one kid twice making a total of four. And told the crocodile that they did meritoriously. The crocodile became satisfied and went away. Then every week the fox ate one of them and followed the same trick. After eating the fourth child the fox left the place forever. After a week the crocodile came again to see her sweet child but found nothing. She finally understood everything and left the place with profound grief.

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