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Paragraph on Child Labor

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The labour done by a child is called child labour. It is a great problem in Bangladesh. The children of poor families, the street children and the orphans are the victims of it. Many of them beg. Many break bricks. Some clean plastic materials, torn shoes, torn paper etc. They are used for smuggling and supply of drugs. Thus they struggle to live. The working children are deprived of all basic rights. There are many causes behind child labour. The first and foremost cause is a huge population. The next cause is poverty. Another cause is the negligence of some parents. These parents leave their children on the streets. Illegal relation and social unrest are also responsible. The effects of child labour are many. It shows that the country is not a civilized one. For child labour, the country is lagging behind. Today’s children are the future of the nation. If they are not educated, there will be no hope for us. Snatching and smuggling are also increasing for them. Our population must be controlled first to check the problem. Poverty must be alleviated. The working children must be taken back to education. They must be rehabilitated. Public awareness is also necessary.