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Story on “Who will Tie the Bell?”

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Once the house of a rich man was infested with rats. The house became like the town of Hamelin. There were rats everywhere in the house. They were doing a lot of mischiefs there. The master of the house was annoyed. He hit upon a plan. He bought a cat to kill the mice. The mice were in great difficulty. They could not move as before. They held a meeting to find out a way to be free from this danger. Many proposals were made but none of those were acceptable. At last, a young mouse rose to speak. He said, “I have a good plan. Let us tie a bell around the cat’s neck. We can save ourselves by hearing the sound of the bell.” All the mice thanked him for this good plan. But an old mouse said, “The idea is good. But who will tie the bell?”. At this, all remained silent.