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Essay on Write About the Precautions You Would Take If You Had to Leave Your House Empty For A Few Days

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If I Had to Leave My House Empty For A Few Days, I must make sure that I do not leave it exposed to possible unwanted events like fire and burglary. It would be most unpleasant to return to find that the house is burnt to a cinder or ransacked by burglars.

These are only two possibilities. There are others and I have to take precautions to prevent them from happening.

Before I leave I have to make sure that all electrical appliances, except the refrigerator, are switched off. Table fans, for example, have the tendency to get overheated and thus catch fire if left on for too long. I have seen more than one burned-out fan before so I always ensure that they are switched off when not in use.

I would have to check the refrigerator to see that the contents are kept properly. Any food that can go bad would have to be discarded. Only durable food would be stored especially in the freezer compartment.

Fruits, cakes and other perishables kept outside the refrigerator would have to be securely locked in the pantry. Those that are becoming bad have to be discarded. This is to prevent pests like cockroaches, flies, rats and even cats from getting at them. Food that has turned bad not only smells but they attract all sorts of unwanted pests as well.

Next, I would switch on one fluorescent light (to save energy) in the living room to avoid making the house look completely dark at night. A completely dark house stands out prominently and is a dead giveaway to potential burglars that the house is empty. I am not saying this would fool the burglars. At least they would have to think twice before they attempt anything.

Also, I have to inform the newspaper vendor to stop sending newspapers for the few days I am away. Otherwise, the uncollected newspaper would tell anyone that the house is empty.

Next, I need the help of a trustworthy neighbor; I shall have to give him a set of keys to my house and ask him to collect my mail, let the meter readers in to read the meters and feed my dogs for me. Fortunately, my next-door neighbor is a trustworthy fellow, otherwise, I have to get someone else further away.

Finally, before I leave, I would lock all cupboards and drawers that contain valuables that are not too expensive. Expensive jewelry and Important documents would have to be kept in a bank’s safe-deposit box for they are irreplaceable. The last thing to do is to lock all doors and secure all windows. After locking the main door, I would turn off the water mains since no one would be using any water while the house is empty.

Then I hand over a set of keys to my neighbor, lock the front gate and off I would go knowing that my house is as safe as it could be while I am away.