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Paragraph on My Next Door Neighbor

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  1. Who are your next-door neighbors?
  2. What are they behaving with you?
  3. What do they do at different festivals?
  4. How do you feel about your neighbors?

Answer: a proverb says, a good neighbor is better than a bad brother.’ My next-door neighbor is one of my uncles. His house is just opposite ours. He is about forty years old. He is a businessman. He is an M.A. his wife is a school teacher. She is a B.A.B. Ed. My uncle has three children; one is a son and two are daughters. His son is a college student and his daughters are school students. My uncle and aunt are very sociable, frank, and well-behaved. They are always on good terms with us. We are also very co-operative with them. We have strong fellow-fillings among ourselves. We share our sorrows and happiness. We often meet together and discuss matters of mutual interest with an open mind. We also exchange greetings, goods, and other things at different festivals. Both my uncle and my aunt love me dearly. We are very proud of our neighborhood.


My Next Door Neighbor

Neighbors are those persons who live closer to our house or flat. Man is a social being. He cannot live alone in society. So he has to live with another neighbor in a particular place. I live in a city. I have many neighbors. All of them are very co-operative, helpful and they are also honest and well behaved. They are simple, truthful, and sociable. Here some neighbors are dishonest and selfish. I have got a next-door neighbor. He is about 40 years old. His name is Md. Murad. He is very sweet in nature. He is a reputed lecturer at Bangladesh Islami University. He is a lecturer in the English Department. He is well-educated, well-behaved, and well-dressed. He is very sociable, cordial, kind, helpful, cooperative, gentle, polite, dutiful, cheerful, and also very smart. In a word Md. Murad is a very nice friend. He is highly reputed and loved everywhere. Yet he has no pride. He is my father’s best friend. His wife is a lecturer at Ramgong Government College. They have a sweet girl. Her name is Ruma. She is my best friend. I pass my leisure with her. They are very affectionate to us. They love me very much. They are also good teachers for me. In their leisure time, they teach me. When I face any problem, I go to their flat to solve my problems. My neighbor enjoys peace and happiness in life. So I am proud of my neighbor. Social life cannot be successful and profitable without a good next-door neighbor. So a next-door neighbor plays an important role in making our life happy and comfortable.

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