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Paragraph on My Idea of a Selfish Man

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Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Who is selfish?
  2. Is a selfish man a blessing or a curse?
  3. Why do you think him selfish?
  4. What are his activities?
  5. How can you change him?
  6. What is your idea of a selfish man?

Answer: The person I hate most is a selfish one. A selfish person is one who seeks only his own comfort and happiness. He is totally indifferent towards the interest of others. A selfish man is no doubt, a curse not only for his family but also for the society. My classmate who is my next-door neighbor as well as out and out shamelessly selfish by nature. He never bothers about me or my studies. Although he is a good student, he did never comply with my request to make me understand the difficult topics of our syllabus. His behavior with other classmates is more or less the same. So, everybody rightly considers him selfish to the extreme. His activities include reading and making notes and suggestions secretly, enjoying films, taking tea-all by himself. He is, not in the least, interested to discuss and share any difficult topic or question with any of us. However, I think if I try sincerely and patiently with a sacrificing mind to change him, it shall not take much time to see him changed in taste and temperament and above all, in his behavior. Like all other sensible persons, my idea of a selfish man is that he is a mean fellow devoid of any sense of self-respect. We all should be aware of selfish people, however much educated or rich or powerful they are.

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