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Essay on Facebook

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Facebook (FB) is one of the popular social websites in the world. It’s one of the most popular social websites in Asia. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of this popular site. This site is getting more popular for its regular update. This site is too first though million up user daily visit in this site. If for any reason Facebook going down, Facebook authority mail to all users or give a notification. Any age’s people can use this website. Sign up system is too easy for another social website. Just need a valid e-mail address or a phone number to verify the Facebook account.

You can share your own photo or your friend’s photo or your family photo, whatever you want. You can update your regular status or you can share your daily activity with your friends and family by post on Facebook. You can tag your photo or status to your friends and family for enjoying any moment. You can do upload any kind of video and you can share it with your friends and family. You can do control your privacy setting that who can see your post and regular activity. You can do control who can be your friend. If any unknown person makes spam with you, then you can easily block that person. He/she never finds you on Facebook and can’t see your future post.

Facebook has three systems to share anything with different unknown people. One of them, you can open different pages in different categories and easily can do share your thought or idea or share your product with all. Second, of them, you can create a group and easily can do share your thought or idea or share your product with all. You also can do control who can do posts in the group or an admin will approve all posts in that group after checking. You can create an event for any program or any social work, whatever you want. The main thing is you can do make more admin in your pages, groups, and events.

Facebook is not only a place for entertainment; it’s one of the popular places for all kinds of businessmen. Any small or large businessman can publish advertisements on Facebook for improving their business. You can boost your advertisement on Facebook by starting from 1$ to more as your demand. For this cheapest online advertisement system nowadays Facebook is more popular in Bangladesh, India, and some Asian country’s businessman.

Day by day Facebook updates their advertisement system for making easy to all peoples. You can control who will see your advertisement, what will age and you also can do control your advertisement area. Facebook privacy is stronger than in the past. Now if any irregular activities going on your Facebook account then Facebook will inform you to ignore that activity. For many irregular activities, Facebook will give you a photo verification option to make sure your account is ok. If you can’t provide all valid information then your Facebook account will be blocked. You can’t do use your account without verification. If you face this problem you will lose your all data, friends, picture, file, etc.

For using Facebook, you have needed another mail address to open a new Facebook account. You can only open an account by using an e-mail address. But there has no restriction for IP addresses like other freelancing websites. You can open many Facebook account from 1 IP.

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