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Essay on Paypal

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PayPal is an online payment system. Use PayPal you can send money to almost anyone anywhere with an email or mobile number within a short time. You can send money all around the world and they’ll be delighted to get your message quickly.

Millions of customers use PayPal for one simple reason. Do you know what is the reason? it’s simple. Just an e-mail and password will get you through to checkout before you can reach your wallet.

All online earner and freelancers like PayPal for its popularity and easy payment method all over the world. It’s made easy for a service holder or for a businessman who busies with his/her business or service to pay bills within a short time.

To open a PayPal account you have needed only a mail account and a password. But for the PayPal account verification, you have to need a mobile number, a bank account number, your full address, a picture, and a credit card wallet number. If you provide all information then your account will be 100% complete and verified. You have no need to take a line to send money to anyone. You make just a click on your mobile phone by using PayPal apps and your transaction will be complete in a short time. When PayPal finds irregular activates in your account, they will inform you by sending a mail. For this reason, PayPal gets trust from their customers and now PayPal is one of the popular payment methods all over the world. Hopefully, PayPal will be more popular with its good activates.

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