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Essay on Google Translate

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Google translate is free online language translation software. Its provided by Google. Google’s free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. Anybody can translate any kind of word or sentence by using Google translate software. It’s more helpful for internet users who have to need to translate anything within a short time. By using Google translate we can know 81 country’s language easily. Starting with only one source language, English, and 47 target languages in June 2009, Google Translator Toolkit now supports 100000 language pairs. Now we can translate from 345 source languages into 345 target languages in Translator Toolkit. Google Translator Toolkit was released by Google on 8 June 2009. This product was expected to be named Google Translation Center, as had been announced in August 2008.

The Google Translation Toolkit turned out to be a less ambitious product: “document rather than project-based intended not as a process management package but simply another personal translation memory tool”. Google Translator Toolkit is a web application designed to allow translators to edit the translations that Google Translate automatically generates. With the Google Translator Toolkit, translators can organize their work and use shared translations, glossaries, and translation memories.

For using Google translate must need an internet connection. Without an internet connection, nobody can use Google Translate to translate anything. Google helps us by providing this translator free of cost. For this free service, many people in the world use Google translate every day more and more. It’s one of the regular necessary service gifts by Google. Hopefully, Google gifts us more useful services and software day by day and it will be helpful for all people in the whole world.

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