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Essay on The Internet

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Internet is culled the information super highway. By using the net we can have free and fast access to any information such as education, business, media, and entertainment. We can also chat/talk with different people from many different countries around the world.

Students can have tremendous benefits form the internet. Via on-line education a student from a developing country can have foreign degrees. Websites of different schools, colleges and universities of the world can give us accurate information regarding admission at a foreign institution.

E-mail means electronic mail. It can send and receive any massage, files and pictures within seconds around the world. To send e-mail we need to have it valid e-mail address and the delivery status is show within a few seconds.

The business by using the internet is known as e-commerce. E-mails can send and receive any massage, files, and pictures within second s around the world. Our ready-made garments sector gets the tremendous business facility of the e-mail. We can download any files via e-mails full of design of garments. Faster communication ensures quick delivery of our larges revenue earner i.e. garments.
Poor countries do not have hi-tech optical fiber connection and have technical difficulties while using the, net properly. We cannot download or transmit sound, heavy graphics or pictures via different websites of the internet. Moreover, computer viruses attack our computers easily and destroy our machines.

Online education, distance learning and other educational exchange programs can benefit our student body tremendously. A computer with the internet connection can give us free and fast access to any kind of information of different foreign colleges, universities in the world. Moreover, students can refresh their memories; develop intelligence by playing different type of computer games.

Development of software’s, data entry, foreign diplomats and degrees via the internet causes massive educational and cultural exchange among different countries in the world.

The most important reason that decreases cinema-goers is satellite TV. By a TV with satellite connection, we can enjoy music, movie, and plays of different countries while sitting in our home and its cheaper then cinema going. Moreover, we can surf switch channels of satellite TV and find our interesting programs.

By the internet we can download movie, music of different countries from different web sites almost freely and cheaply. Moreover, we can download demo version of movie, the latest music and many more different cultures of foreign countries. There are some web sites that can show us full movie by charging credit cards via the net.

One can buy book from the net. Publishers have their web addresses with detailed description and graphics of the book. We have to charge international credit cards and its pin number the website to py for its price. The publisher then delivers the book via shipment or by air. In some cases, a book can be downloaded after payment

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