Composition on Use of Internet

The word “Internet” is abbreviated form of international network. Network after network joining together has created a large dimensioned network throughout the world. The Internet is the latest miracle that has ushered in a revolution in the application of science for the benefit of mankind. It is the computer-based global information system. By accessing to the internet today the vast treasure of all forms of knowledge, information, invention, techniques, process, technologies, art, literature etc. can be made available it has made inroads into all walks of our life. Today through internet people all over the world can communicate effectively and inexpensively with one another unlike traditional broadcasting media such as radio and television. The internet has brought about new opportunities to government, business and education.

The government uses the internet for internal communication distribution of information and automated tax processing. Educational of information and automated tax processing. Education institutions use the internet. The darkness of light and evil behind the innumerable uses of the internet. Sometimes criminals and terrorists take the advantage of the internet to actualize their heinous target. They exploit cyber café as their means of fulfilling their task. It is called “Cyberbullying.” Even, some heinous and immoral persons to belittle and derogate others mail many messages and vulgar pictures to different addresses. To keep pace with the rest of the world in every sector, we must be connected with internet.

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