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Acid Throwing Paragraph

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Question: “Acid throwing is one of the most heinous crimes”. Complete the following line in two paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you will write the causes and problems it creates and in the second you will suggest a possible solution to it

Acid Throwing

Answer: Acid throwing is one of the most heinous crimes. Now -a days, it is very rampant in our country. Almost every day we find the news of acid throwing in all the newspapers of our country. However frustrated lovers are involved in this evil activity. When they fail to win the heart of their beloved, they try to have revenge Finding no other way of taking revenge, they throw acid on them. The effect of acid throwing is very destructive. In most cases, the victims succumb to injuries. And those who survive to drag a very miserable life. Either they are crippled or paralyzed. The victims also look ugly because their appearance and body become deformed. Acid throwing is an inhuman and barbarous act. It turns a man into a beast.

This problem can not be solved overnight. First of all law and order situation of the country should be improved. Law enforcing authorities should always be on the alert. The criminals should be sternly dealt with. Exemplary punishment should be inflicted on the criminals. The government has already formulated a law of capital punishment for acid throwers. The judicial system regarding the punishment of the criminals should be prompt because there goes a proverb that “Justice delayed justice denied”. More law and enforcing authorities should be employed at important points. If they are provided with suitable jobs. many of them will give up this hateful criminal activity. Moreover, people of all walks of life should come forward to develop their morality.

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