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Paragraph on Acid Rain

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Question: Do you know what is acid-rain? Write a paragraph about acid rain. You should include the following statements.

  • What is acid rain
  • How it damages
  • What steps can be taken to prevent it

Answer: Now a day environmental pollution is one of the most talked of topics in the world. Because environmental pollution causes various disasters to human life. Acid rain is one of, them. When acid instead of waterfalls from the sky, then it is called acid rain. Acid rain contains harmful chemicals from fact gases. Substances called acids have a polluted area, ran cart cause damage to trees, lakes. wildlife, buildings and human health. There is a link between acid rain and damage to human health. Breathing in the chemicals can harm people causing chest illnesses. Also, when acid rain causes the release of chemicals and metals into drinking water, it can damage people’s health. In a word, Acid rain is very harmful. And the prevent this. we should not let the environment polluted. We should. take all necessary steps to keep our environment sound and healthy.

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