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Short Paragraph on Water Pollution

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Question: Write a Paragraph about ‘Water Pollution’ by answering the following questions.

  1. What is water?
  2. What is very harmful?
  3. How can water be polluted?
  4. How do motor launches pollute water?
  5. What should the Government do to prevent water pollution?

Answer: Water is a vital element of our environment. We cannot live without it. But this element is polluted in many ways. Man pollutes water by throwing waste into it. Our fertilizers and insecticides get mixed with water in rivers, ponds, and canals. Mills and factories throw their chemicals into the water and pollute it. Water vehicles throw human waste and food waste into water. Unsanitary latrines and unsafe drains on the rivers and canals are also responsible for water pollution. Water pollution is responsible for various diseases. Cholera, diarrhea and other peptic problems occur for it. We should lessen the problem. We should use natural fertilizer in fields. We should not throw anything into the water. Polluted water should be boiled and filtered before drinking.

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